On Sat, 2 Apr 2011, Jon wrote:

> So that I am understanding you correctly, the xen-4.1 doesn't use the
> user-level block backend by default, it is just there to use until it is
> added into the kernel.org kernel, correct? And from what you wrote, are
> we looking at 2.6.40 for xen to be fully included into kernel.org? Very
> good news if so!

I am not sure whether there is any extra functionality to add beyond that, 
but it will certainly support full basic use (if the plans go as 

> I can use your repo and install your pre-built kernel on SL6 and build
> xen-4.1 from xen.org from source and should end up with a stable xen
> box? Sounds too easy. ;)

Yes that should work.

> I had tried to use your repo on a FC14 box but something about my
> hardware Fedora didn't like and would lock the box up randomly and I
> couldn't track down the issue easily so I just left it behind because I
> am not willing to dedicate the time right now to finding the cause. But
> when I was trying to install using your repo I never could download the
> 'firmware' package, is that even needed if I use your repo?

I don't think I used the kernel-firmware package much anyway, because 
there was usually a later kernel-firmware package on the system I was 
testing it on. You probably need some kernel-firmware package, but I doubt 
the version matters much.

        Michael Young
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