I have compiled Jeremy's kernel on Fedora 14 and it turned out that 
xen-pciback is compiled into the kernel as a module. So I made a 
"xen-pciback.conf" file in /etc/modprobe.d. The problem is that I have 
to get modprobe to load before the drivers to the PCI devices I want to 
hide are loaded.

So my question is how do I locate the drivers and find the points in the 
boot scripts where I can put the modprobe so that it is loaded before 
them? I tried lsmod and modinfo but they don't give much information. I 
only managed to find the driver for the Intel EXPI9400PT adapter e1000e.

I want to hide the graphics adapter (Radeon 5450), Two USB2.0 ports, the 
Intel adapter, the USB3.0 controller and the Audio device, their 
assignments on machine are as follows:

pci_0000_00_02_0   (GPU)
pci_0000_00_12_0   (USB 2.0 should give 2 ports)
pci_0000_00_14_2   (Audio device)
pci_0000_00_0a_0   (Intel Adapter)
pci_0000_00_09_0   (USB 3.0 Interface)

but the question is where can I locate their drivers and how can I tap 
into the boot sequence so that the xen-pciback driver is loaded 
beforehand? The page


gives no information about this. It mentions something about "install 
skge ... " but it doesn't say where this line is to be put and how you 
figure out that skge is the driver to be disabled.

I have set up the machine to init level 3 in the /etc/inittab (my 
install of F14 have no upstart targets). The xen-pciback module seems to 
be working. Something is wrong with the onboard sound chip. No drivers 
have ever successfully initiated it, neither in Windows nor Linux. So it 
is marked as an assignable device when looking it up with xm.



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