Just some notes, in case others are planning similar upgrades.

I was running 2.6.32 from M. Young's repo.  My goal was to get up to
2.6.40 on Fedora 15 (mainline dom0!) with minimal downtime.

I found that f15's version of Xen (4.1) wouldn't run, even after
re-compiling on f14.  So, that couldn't be staged ahead of time.  As a
retreat plan, I made sure to have rpm's for Xen 4.0.2 handy, but they
wound up being unnecessary.

I knew there'd be some xend breakage during the upgrade, so I opened ssh
sessions to each VM.

I then started the yum upgrade, first with yum and rpm, then only the
fedora and updates repos, then other repos.  Some package upgrade
problems needed to be solved (I have too much in dom0), but nothing
worse than usual.

Once all the upgrades were in place, I hand-edited grub.conf since the
new kernel installed a non-Xen entry.

At this point, I should have checked to see that my initramfs was made
properly (it wasn't, locally packaged zfs modules broke the scriptlet).
 I had to come back in with rescue mode to re-run dracut.

Once all the updates were installed, I shut down each of the VM's using
native 'shutdown -h now' inside the vm.  xm shutdown was broken at this

Now, the only ugly part is that systemd wasn't yet running, but 'reboot'
is replaced.  So, to reboot the system, I had to do 'sync;sync;sync
[reset button]'.  I had filesystems mounted -o data=journal, so I was at
least feeling good about consistency.  Some people wouldn't tolerate
this option, but it worked out OK for me.

With a working initramfs, the system came up just fine, the VM's started
as they should, and everything seemed OK from the Xen perspective.  All
the domU's function, no domU updates required (Fedora 12/13/14, CentOS 5).

If I had noticed the initramfs problem properly, I would have gotten
away with only about a 4 minute outage.  Quite glad to be re-united,
after many years in the Fedora/Xen exile community!  Much kudos to
Michael Young, Pasi, and all the others who have helped up through the
dark times.


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