After recently discovering 2.6.40 is secretly Kernel 3 in disguise, and 
includes pvops, 5 years after my last post on Fedora-Xen, I'm back.  
I've been running Xen on a home server for well, just over 5 years, the 
last three of which have been on a Centos5 dom0, in the absence of dom0 
support in Fedora since FC6.

I've installed a fresh machine, and can get a dom0 running in Fedora 15 
using 2.6.40 and the default xen-4.1.1 packages, as well as DomU's 
running Centos5, Scientific Linux 6, Fedora 15 and Solaris 11, so all 
good there.

But I've hit a snag.  The Fedora kernel doesn't appear to include the 
xen-pciback kernel module (or indeed any module with "pciback" in its 
name).  I use PCI Passthrough to donate a physical NIC to one of the 
domU's which runs the network gateway/firewall/transparent proxy etc. 
for the network.

I've grabbed the kernel source rpm and checked out the config files, and 
they appear to be completely missing the XEN_PCIDEV_BACKEND flags.

Being new to Fedora 15, Kernel 3 and Xen4.x all at once, is there some 
new trick that isn't documented online, or am I right in seeing a lack 
of PCI pass-through support in the Fedora kernel?

My next step is to try adding the compile flags to the .config and 
rebuilding the kernel - but would appreciate anyone's input with more 
experience of the Fedora environment.


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