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> Bob Cochran wrote:
> > I want to build a new computer system that features dual processors, a
> > lot of memory, and is able to run Xen virtualization. Install Fedora and
> > Xen as the host on such a machine, and then start running a variety of
> > other operating systems as virtual machines.
> >
> > What dual processor hardware configurations work well with Xen? For
> > example will any Supermicro brand dual processor motherboard be hardware
> > compatible with Xen? I am thinking of Supermicro boards with Xeon
> > processors. Or is there a better brand of motherboard?
> >
> >
> With 2-4-6 core CPUs out there, do you really need that level of cost
> and complexity? I run an x58 ASUS Sabertooth board with i7-950 CPU and
> 24GB ram, and it seems up to most of what I even plan to do. With eight
> threads I can handle lots of VMs, although I am running most with KVM
> rather than xen. Newer boards will go to six (hyperthreaded) cores, but
> I believe only support four sticks of mempry.
Anyone have experience using Shuttle XPC or similar Mini ITX? I wanna have
powerful machine and would be nice if it's quite.

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