On Sat, Oct 01, 2011 at 09:58:47PM +0100, M A Young wrote:
> If you are running Rawhide or F16 you should be about to get the 
> xen-4.1.1-6 packages when you next update (if you haven't got them 
> already). These contain partial systemd support (for the xenstored startup 
> script) to solve some shutdown problems I was seeing. Also your grub2 
> configuration should now be updated when you install, upgarde or remove 
> the xen-hypervisor package.

Yes! Thanks. I just tested it and it works nicely.

Albeit I found that the kernel has a bug #744408 which fortunatly
is easy to fix.

> The conversion to systemd from traditional startup scripts isn't exact, 
> and although I think it does the right thing there may be problems, so let 
> me know if you see any issues.

Is there a particular good test-case to exercise it? I just beeing playing
with 'virt-install' and 'virt-manager' and was quite thrilled to see the 
bridge get created automatically and xend start.

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