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> Hi Konrad.
> I can easilly repeat a following situation:
> 1. Start up a guest on Virt-Manager. The quest is created via
> virt-manager, Fedora 14, as a network install. 2. Shut it down via
> Virt-Manager's menus. 3. Wait until Xen reports on xend.log:
> "Domain has shutdown: name=fedora14 id=2 reason=poweroff"
> On virt-manager, guest's status remains "Running".
> If I try any operations for the guest, I get a Python exception,
> something like you found, but related to the operation.
> 4. Disconnect from localhost(xen) on Virt-Manager.
> 5. Connect into localhost(xen) on Virt-Manager.
> 6. Now the guest status of fedora14 is "Shutoff".
> 7. Now we can go back to phase 1 and start again.
> So the bug is (on high level) something like: Xen turns off the
> guest, but virt-manager won't get notified, or won't detect, about
> the state change of Xen quest: "Running" -> "Shutoff".
> So my hypothesis on your problem is, that Xen already turned guest's
> power off, and virt-manager didn't notice it. So virt-manager asks
> Xen to do commands which aren't supported for turned off quest.
> Regards,
> Marko Ristola

I really need to be better about communicating the xen related bugs
that I'm filing. Konrad's initial question sounded slightly different
but I never got around to testing with the method that he listed.

Part of this sounds like a virt-manager bug that I filed last week:
 * 746007 - Status of Xen guests is not updated in virt-manager [1]

Interesting note:
 - In this case, status is correct for 'virsh list --all' and 'xm list'
   even though virt-manager isn't showing DomU status correctly


[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=746007

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