On Mon, Nov 07, 2011 at 08:29:02PM -0500, Bob Cochran wrote:
> I want to use Fedora 16 as a host OS (a "Dom0" OS) so that I can install 
> several different operating systems as virtualized guests. One of these 
> will be Windows 7. Are there enough Xen and Fedora bits in place for 
> Fedora 16 virtualization so that my friend can access Windows 7 as a 
> virtual machine and not know the difference -- she can access the USB 
> ports, printer and fax devices, run PhotoShop and and various other 
> photo editing applications?

She can definitly run Windows 7. Albeit I would recommend installing
the PV drivers, otherwise it is slow.

In regards to USB, try this:

[root@phenom ~]# xm usb-list-assignable-devices
2-3          : ID 058f:6387 JetFlash Mass Storage Device
[root@phenom ~]# xm usb-add latest-hvm.xm host:058f:6387

Once you have launched the guest. And you should see your
USB device in the guest (I only tried this with Linux PVHVM guest)

Oh, make sure you have 'usb=1' defined in your config.
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