I am having a strange problem on Fedora 16. I am trying to figure out
what is going on, but have not yet been successful.

I am using Xen with routed interfaces instead of bridged (i.e., vif-script
vif-route). In this case, the "network-route" script should enable kernel
port forwarding. However, this is not the case---at least the first time
xend runs. Xend runs, but /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward still contains

But, if I restart xend by hand using "service xend restart", then kernel
IP forwarding gets turned on.

At first I thought this may be due to SELinux (perhaps systemd starts xend
in a different context than a root shell does). But this is not the case;
I get the same behavior when I boot with SELinux in permissive mode.

Does anyone else know what might be causing this?


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