ok, sorry i didnt update until now.
i traced back the previous problem to the nvidia drivers (or lack thereof) 
installing the akmod-nvidia packages solved the "no X" problem.
but now another problem surfaced, at the end of boot, the X display starts, i 
see the gnome bg for a few seconds but then i get a "system cant recover, 
contact a system administrator" error message, then the only option is a forced 
shutdown, cant change consoles or anything.
the stock 3.1.5-2 kernel still works.

the whole /var/log/messages for one boot of the xen kernel:

http://pastebin.com/Eqfgd8gE (im sorry i didnt trim it, kinda new to it and 
dont know what is important and what isnt)

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On 12/06/2011 05:14 PM, Carlos Felipe Santacruz wrote:
> This is what happened: normally ran 'yum install xen' and that gave
> no problems, but then i rebooted to get to the xen kernel, it resulted
> on black screen (could change consoles with Alt + F2 etc.) so i
> rebooted and tried the regular 3.1.2 kernel with same results.
> uninstalled xen with 'yum history undo' so it would also remove all
> dependencies then rebooted. nothing.
> anyone knows what could have caused this?
> im running f16 x86_64 on an asus g74sx-bbk7(core i7-2630qm, geforce gtx560m, 
> 8GB DDR3 ram)

I understood your problem this way:
Booting works: You can switch consoles. Graphical mode or X doesn't work
because you have a black login screen (with or without Xen).
/var/log/messages and /var/log/Xorg.0.log might have some report of the failure.

You might still have a working pre-3.1.2 kernel in Grub2 menu around that works
as a temporary solution.

Are all your RPM packets up to date with "yum upgrade"?
Fedora Bugzilla is a good place to search and report these problems.
NVidia Open source Kernel module developers want to get failure reports to fix
regressions and other problems.
Fedora test kernels are worth to check too: there might already be a fix coming.

Marko Ristola

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