On 12 January 2012 13:51, M A Young <m.a.yo...@durham.ac.uk> wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Jan 2012, Gergely Buday wrote:
>> title Fedora (XEN)
>>       root (hd0,0)
>>       kernel /boot/xen.gz dom0_mem=262144
>>       module /boot/vmlinuz- ro
>> root=UUID=fbb9744f-0226-4665-b377-74522399f301 rd_NO_LUKS rd_NO_LVM
>> rd_NO_MD rd_NO_DM LANG=en_US.UTF-8 SYSFONT=latarcyrheb-sun16
>> KEYTABLE=us nomodeset rhgb quiet
>>       initrd /boot/initramfs-
> The last line should be
> module /boot/initramfs-

I used that, and it ended up in

Welcome to emergency mode. Use "systemctl default" or ^D to activate
default mode.
Give root password for maintenance.
(or type Ctrl-D to continue)

Once I tried ctrl-d, then nothing happened, giving the root password
took me to a "bash: command not found" message and a root prompt at
last, with no /home and /usr mounted.

Otherwise the booting process was that the Xen kernel booted first,
then the usual white and blue Fedora stripes grew. And at last I got
that message.

What logs should I check to see what went wrong? And, do you have any
idea what the problem is?

- Gergely
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