On Thu, 2012-05-03 at 11:04 -0400, Gordon McLellan wrote:
> Greetings,

> Is anyone running FC 17 beta as a Dom0 / DomU on Xen 4, on Sandy
> Bridge hardware?  
Not yet... I'm planning to do so ASAP.

> I've been trying and trying to get xen going on my new sandy-e system
> and have gotten the hypervisor to load but the dom0 kernel panics
> during boot.
> I dug up an old copy of FC 15, will try my luck there next.
Never tried FC15 either, but just installing the xen packages in FC16
brought up a working virtualization environment every time I tried. I'll
give it a go again (no, I  don't have them installed right now) and let
you know if that still works for me.

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