On Tue, 15 May 2012, Cole Robinson wrote:

Hey folks.

Right now the package owner for xen in fedora is the xen-maint alias account.
Originally this was an alias that was mapped to various @redhat folks who were
doing xen development, and was used for both fedora and internal RHEL stuff.

Nowadays it's not really used in upstream/fedora land and fedora-virt-maint is
a better suited alias. Additionally @redhat isn't doing much xen work these
days so we should just have a single package owner which reflects reality.

So I propose we drop xen-maint as the package owner, and Michael can
'officially' take on package ownership. If that sounds fine I'll file a ticket
with fedora infrastructure to make the change (required AFAIK for alias
account changes).

Michael, does that sound good to you?

Yes, it sounds good to me.

        Michael Young
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