On Thu, 7 Jun 2012, Cole Robinson wrote:

There have been several reports of this issue so I don't think it's specific
to your config.

Indeed, looking at the xen spec file, this regressed a bit with the switch to
systemd. xenconsoled used to be enabled at runlevels 345, but now it is never
explicitly enabled with systemctl enable xenconsoled. This differs from
xenstored, which was previously enabled at runlevel 345, and now _is_
explicitly systemctl enabled.

Yes, that is my fault. When I was moving to systemd I was trying to decide what was and wasn't needed, and I think I decided that xenconsoled was optional (for the way I do xen it wasn't needed), so didn't enable it by default. It should only be an issue on F17 and rawhide as I stopped the systemd migration on F16 when it was released and xenconsoled was migrated afterwards.

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