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I am trying to provision virtual machines to create a virtual machine cluster. If I try to transfer a pre-build virtual machine, its too time consuming and hard on network. So the idea of using bootstrap or kickstart seems better. Can any body point a good tutorial how to do this?

Actually I have a master image and I have to copy it on all the nodes and create virtual machines. Is there any other way to do it?

Not having done such a thing with xen, I can only say that you can do it with kvm, starting with a base image and making multiple copy on write (COW) machines which pretty much create instantly and take only as much disk space as the changed data. I would hope the xen tools would support a similar approach, but I can't tell you how to do it. Roll out of a name machine is five minutes or so, start the new VM with a fresh MAC address so your DHCP server gives it a unique IP, set the name and services and go.

I present this since you asked, not as a recommendation to do it the way I do...

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