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> On Fri, Jun 08, 2012 at 12:00:44AM -0700, sorabh hamirwasia wrote:
>>    Hi,
>>    I have installed "Xen" on Fedora16 host using "yum install xen" command
>>    and it has been installed properly. I can see the changes in
>>    /etc/grub2.cfg file too. But when I reboot then the entry for Xen is not
>>    listed in the boot menu. On further analyzing I found that in
>>    /etc/grub.conf there is no entry related to Xen. Do we need to modify
>>    grub.conf manually ? If yes then how to do that. ?
>>    Please help me with this.
> You can tweak the Xen hypervisor cmdline options in:
> /etc/default/grub file, like this:

The only thing I see in fc17 (also) is a
set default="Xen"
line in /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

I've been waiting, hoping, and did a fresh install of Fedora 17, then
"yum install xen", in anticipation (again) of Fedora/Xen/dom0 boot

Thanks anyway,
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