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Hi everyone,

First of all, apologizes if the issue has been discussed already (I
joined only a couple of months ago), but I was wondering whether there
already are plans on how to support that UEFI Secure Boot crazy (and
I've been gentle :-P) thing from the point of view of the xen packages
on Fedora.

I mean, is some sort of binary signing involved? If so, are we already
able to do it, or at least will we be able to take advantage of whatever
Fedora will do with kernel images? Or is there something
different/special we should consider?

I'm not at all an expert of the matter, I was just reading about it and
started wondering whether it would still be possible to have xen binary
packages for Fedora (and of course for other distros too)...

Some of the links I found about the subject:

Fedora's plans seem to be at
It doesn't mention xen yet.

        Michael Young
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