On Mon, 2 Jul 2012, W. Michael Petullo wrote:

We have seen a significant reduction in performance in our research DomU
OS kernel when running on Fedora 16 with Linux 3.4.2 vs. 3.3.7. We run
a series of benchmarks which are DomU-kernel-space-CPU-heavy; many of
these run 10x slower when using the 3.4.2 Linux kernel as Dom0.

This is a little surprising---we've been tracking the Fedora kernels for
a long time with no problem like this. Did anyone else notice any changes?

I have noticed a slow boot on one of my systems and it has been known to loose connections with keyboard and mouse when a guest is started. Given the previous issues with this system I suspect IRQ issues with the kernel interacting with xen though I haven't investigated further.

        Michael Young
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