>>> I suspect you may need the following patch to improve your 4.1.2
>>> performance:
>>> http://xenbits.xen.org/hg/xen-4.1-testing.hg/rev/435493696053
>>> The cache flush on every C2 transition is very expensive and causes
>>> a large slow down.

>>> 4.1.3-rc3 already includes that patch so it would be worth testing
>>> that version.

>> MA Young, could this be back-ported in the F17 and F16. I belive
>> Micahel Petullo setup a bug for that?
> I don't recall I seeing a bug for this but the patch is in
> xen-4.1.2-25.fc18 and xen-4.1.2-25.fc17 (which is building now).

The performance-related bug I filed is at:



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