>>>>>> I have done a temporary build of 4.2.0-rc2 for testing which is at
>>>>>> http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=4386920
>>>>>> This also adds the efi hypervisor back in for x86_64.

>>>>> Note to other people: fedora kernels still don't have xen dom0 EFI 
>>>>> patches included,
>>>>> mainly because dom0 EFI patches are not yet ported to pvops or merged to 
>>>>> upstream Linux.
>>>>> So actually testing xen.efi hypervisor on UEFI systems is a bit tricky 
>>>>> atm..
>>>>> (you need to manually build a kernel based on the suse xenlinux sles11sp2 
>>>>> or opensuse patches).

>>>> I have tried the 4.2.0-rc packages on three machines: one with an AMD 
>>>> Athlon X2,
>>>> one with an AMD FX 4170 [1], and a MacBook with a Core 2 Duo.
>>>> The first machine works fine.
>>>> The FX 4170 and MacBook are unable to load Dom0. I see Xen print its
>>>> boot messages, but the machines spontaneously reboot before Dom0 prints
>>>> any output.

>> Is the dom0 different? The 3.5 has an issue where on certain machines it 
>> crashes
>> (3.5.3 should have the proper fix).
> Pfff.. Found the issue. If you boot with 'xsave=off' on the hypervisor line 
> it boots.
> It looks to be a Fedora kernel issue thought - when I booted a mainline kernel
> I did not hit this.

Yes. all three machines boot if I use xsave=off.


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