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I've got a Fedora 17 dom0, running under Xen 4.2 (thanks to the Pasi's
archive of Michael's test SRPM at

Note there are now official xen-4.2.0 packages for F18 and F19. They should rebuild on F17, though offical F17 builds will stick to the 4.1 branch.

Since there's no libvirt support in that build, I had to uninstall the
existing virt-* tools too, therefore no helpers to create a new domU.
However, a link on LWN reminded me of http://boot.fedoraproject.org/
and I wondered if I could use that to get a new domU installed.

You could try the virt preview repository

That looks like it has a F17 build of the latest F18/F19 libvirt which disables the libxl driver so it doesn't conflict with xen-4.2

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