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> Note there are now official xen-4.2.0 packages for F18 and F19. They should
> rebuild on F17, though offical F17 builds will stick to the 4.1 branch.

Wasn't expecting F17 to bump to 4.2 at this stage, I'll either rebuild
the F18 packages or upgrade to F18 depending on how soon I reboot the

> You could try the virt preview repository
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Virtualization_Preview_Repository
> That looks like it has a F17 build of the latest F18/F19 libvirt which
> disables the libxl driver so it doesn't conflict with xen-4.2

On F16 xl was "recommended" but caused me problems, so I stuck with
xm, then with Xen 4.2 xl was "really recommended" an I had a problem
with xm, so I switched to xl and my previous problems were indeed
fixed, apart from libvirt not talking to xl yet

I'll probably leave the dom0 up for a few weeks and try F18 with the
updated libvirt at that stage.
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