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> Hello again,
> I reinstalled Fedora 18 and used the Virtualization Preview Repository
> (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Virtualization_Preview_Repository).
Mmm... weird that you needed VirtPreview to get libvirt+xend to work. It
used, should, and actually does work for me on a "plain" F18 (i.e., no

> While libvirtd+libxl still has problems (e.g., I got "error: internal
> error libxenlight failed to create new domain"), the combination
> libvirtd+xend seems to work.
Yep, that's the status. One bugfix for one of the causes of the issue
you're seeing should be "in-flight", but I'm not sure whether there are
other bugs hanging around. :-(

Again, with or without VirtPreview, using xend (which means just making
sure it starts, as libvirt's libxl driver won't load if it find it
running) everything should be fine.

> Actually, I still get problem with virt-viewer but I can live without
> it by using a VNC viewer.
What problem? Can you be more specific? Again, with xend, I don't have
problem of an kind, not even with virt-viewer.

> I hope to see Virtualization Preview package move soon in the official
> F18 repository :)
Mmm... I might be wrong, but I'm not sure that's ever going to happen.
My understanding is that VirtPreview hosts the packages that are in
rawhide, although built for F18 (in this case). This means that most of
what you see there will end up in F19, and very few of it will involve
F18. However, if you find and rise a bug, unless the backport to the
libvirt version that ships with F18 is impossible, it shouldn't be a big
deal to have it fixed there too...

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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