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>Bumping up.
>Can somebody give me some pointers. Would help me a lot.
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>> Hello,
>> I was posting a couple weeks back here, asking questions about
>> DomUs working in Xen when installing Xen from source.
>> Well, I have managed to get things working. Currently my setup is
>> this now.
>> Xen 4.2.2, installed from source,
>> Fedora 18 Dom0 x86_64, Debian 6 PV DomU x86_64, and Ubuntu 12.04 HVM
>> x86_64.
>> My processor has Intel VT-X enabled.
>> I  used xl/xm to create DomUs. I was unable to get virt-manager
>working to
>> create guests.
>> I faced a similar problem with Xen 4.1 and Fedora 17 earlier.
>> As the next step in my project, I want to log some system call
>> information.
>> Basically, every time a system call is made in my PV DomU, I just
>want to
>> print a line like "System call made from DomU, systemcall id = xx".
>That is
>> all I need for now.
>> I have some questions regarding the same.
>> 1. This might be a stupid question, but here goes.
>> After I modify source code, should I do the whole compilation/install
>> process to see my changes.
>> ie. should i do "make and install xen, tools and stubdom" or will
>> and install xen" suffice ?
>> 2. How is the system call flow happening in Xen?
>>  Where in the code is the system call being intercepted by the
>> for a PV DomU. ?
>> I found some information from this paper,
>> but still am not clear about the whole picture.
>> Is there documentation available explaining for how system calls are
>> handled in Xen ?
>> The Xen code is quite large, and I am sorry to say I get lost reading
>> without some kind of knowledge.
>> 3. How to log data?
>> I see printk statements in the code. Are printk statements tied to a
>> certain logging level ? Should I add "loglvl=all guest_loglvl=all" to
>> Dom0 grub to see the output from printk statements ?
>> Also, which output file should I be seeing for my scenario?
>> /var/log/xen/xend.log ?
>> I apologize for the long email.
>> Please take some time out and kindly reply.
>> --
>> Ranjith krishnan

Xentrace and xenalyze are your friends for this. 
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