Hi, everybody,

Went to give PVH a try, seeing as we have 4.4 and 3.14 now in f20, but:

# grep XEN.*PV /boot/config-3.14.4-200.fc20.x86_64
# CONFIG_XEN_PVH is not set


Does anybody want to talk me out of recompiling my kernel to try it out?
 If it's working should we ask for the f20 build to enable it?  The docs
make it sound like PVH is how we're going to be running everything in
the not-too-distant future (and the design looks very sensible to me).

Just finished replacing my AMD SOHO box with a Xeon 2620 box to give it
a go (and also never got the AMD/UEFI box to properly allocate memory
pages to Dom0) which made ZFS unbearable; now at this stage.


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