> On Tue, Jun 03, 2014 at 02:12:17PM -0400, Bill McGonigle wrote:
>> > Hi, everybody,
>> > 
>> > Went to give PVH a try, seeing as we have 4.4 and 3.14 now in f20, but:
>> > 
>> > # grep XEN.*PV /boot/config-3.14.4-200.fc20.x86_64
>> > # CONFIG_XEN_PVH is not set

Posting my notes here, in case anybody else is trying it and wants to compare.  
I haven't yet had luck getting a pvh domU to launch.  I think I'm doing what 
the documentation calls for, but clearly something is missing.

Current bits are up here:

I've got Xen 4.4 booting and a kernel built with PVH support, but when starting 
a domU with 'pvh=1' I get:

  xc_dom_parse_image: unsupported feature requested

and the domain fails to build.  I did verify that BUILD/kernel-foo/.config is 
getting the entry, and it sure looks like the symbols are in the kernel:

  [root@librescu xen]# grep -i pvh /boot/config-3.14.4-200.xenpvh.fc20.x86_64 
  /boot/config-3.14.4-200.xenpvh.fc20.x86_64:# Linux/x86_64 
3.14.4-200.xenpvh.fc20.x86_64 Kernel Configuration
  /boot/System.map-3.14.4-200.xenpvh.fc20.x86_64:ffffffff81004340 t 
  /boot/System.map-3.14.4-200.xenpvh.fc20.x86_64:ffffffff816e04d0 T 
  /boot/System.map-3.14.4-200.xenpvh.fc20.x86_64:ffffffff81d2a0a9 t 
  /boot/System.map-3.14.4-200.xenpvh.fc20.x86_64:ffffffff81e5fd48 t 
  [root@librescu xen]# uname -r

So, I'm not sure what's up.  I added "loglvl=all guest_loglvl=all" to grub and 
can get another reboot in this weekend to see if there's any more info logged.

It also looks like I should update my 4.4 tarball to the stable-4.4 branch for 
non-broken guest shutdowns (but one step at a time).


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