Hi Jim,

On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 6:09 PM, Jim Fehlig <jfeh...@suse.com> wrote:
> Hi Marco,
> Sorry for the delay.  I'm not ignoring your mails, just too busy with
> travel, recuperating from sickness, etc. to investigate and respond...

No problem. I'm always in hurry as well.
Thank you for the time you spend in this list

> The duplicate <boot> entries are the result of a bug in the
> DomainXMLFromNative function.  I just verified the bug still exists in
> libvirt git master.


> Sigh.  More bugs in DomainXMLFromNative.  Can you verify if <hap/> is
> explicitly needed?  IIRC, Xen will automatically use hap if supported by the
> hardware.

You're right. As stated here:
hap is True if supported.
Also, apic is True by default
So, I've commented the "hap" and "apic" elements. No problem encountered.

>> This time, the installation of the guest system seems to work.
>> I still have some annoying problem with the CentOS graphical
>> installation since the installation GUI immediately disappears with
>> the following message:
>>    ** (anaconda:1049): WARNING **: keybinder_init: Unable to open display
>>    (anaconda:1049): Gdk-WARNING **: anaconda: Fatal IO Error 0
>> (Success) on X server :1.
>>    Pane is dead
>> and the installation program remains stuck.
>> I've also tried to start the installation in the basic graphics mode.
>> But the problem remains.
> Do you also see this problem when starting the domain directly with xl?

Yes. The installation GUI appears, then I move the mouse and the GUI
disappears and I remains with the above error message.

> FYI, it may be some time before I have a chance to track down and fix these
> bugs.  Are you able to help contribute in this area?

Not so much, sorry! I'm overloaded of work and I have some deadlines
for my research.
Anyway, I can perform some test if you need in the next few days, at
least until I start my experiments.
In fact, from that moment, I can use the experimental testbed only for
stuff related to research experiments.


-- Marco
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