I've hit this bug a few times on f20 with a fairly boring config:




One f20 DomU (16GB), one el6 DomU (2GB), i7 desktop w/ 32GB RAM (12GB
Dom0).  The only thing not completely bog-standard is that my 'physical'
interface is on a vlan tag on each bridge, but Dom0 network continues to
hum along at the time, so I don't suppose that's a factor.

Symptom is the DomU network just goes away.  It appears to be load
related (I was doing video encoding over NFS).  dmesg says:

[76819.472975] vif vif-2-0 vif2.0: txreq.offset: 8ee, size: 3858, end: 6144
[76819.473012] vif vif-2-0 vif2.0: fatal error; disabling device
[76819.482474] brbfc: port 2(vif2.0) entered disabled state

A workaround is to xl save the domU to a checkpoint file (have to use -c
and destroy it), then restore it, and things continue happily.  I wasn't
able to figure out a way to tell Xen to just restart the network device
(it appears to be attached and up after Xen decides it's failed).

I'll be applying the 3-line kernel patch here; do we stand any chance of
getting something like this cherry picked into the Fedora kernel?  It's
not upstream as of 3.18:


I can advocate on xen-devel if needed.


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