On 12/11/14 13:28, Bill McGonigle wrote:
> [76819.472975] vif vif-2-0 vif2.0: txreq.offset: 8ee, size: 3858, end: 6144
> [76819.473012] vif vif-2-0 vif2.0: fatal error; disabling device
> [76819.482474] brbfc: port 2(vif2.0) entered disabled state

Followup: a few days later, this patch hit lkml:


The Fedora 3.17.8 kernel definitely has it (in patch-3.17.8.xz).

The problem is in the DomU kernel, so that's where the updates need to
happen.  3.17.3 was really giving me headaches lately as a DomU - to the
point that I'd have to reboot and hope I could 'xl console' and yum
could download the update before the port got disabled.  I don't know
why the problem go so much more severe this week - the domU and dom0
kernels haven't been updated for a few weeks.  I rebooted to deal with
some bum memory, so something apparently is different other than the

Anyway, after updating the DomU kernel to 3.17.8 the networking has been
stable so far.


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