Anyone know how to get fedora + xen running in a KVM VM? I'd like to be able
to do basic xen/libxl/libvirt testing without needed to reboot a physical 

Trying with F23 AMD host, F22+xen L1, trying to boot into xen in the L1 VM
just reboots very soon after trying to boot the kernel. Tried disabling all
virtio for L1 VM, disabling virt extensions for the L1 VM, but it didn't seem
to change anything. Unfortunately the messages scroll by so quickly I can't
tell what's happening right before it reboots, and all efforts to convince it
to print more debugging haven't worked.

FWIW this does work with rhel5+xen L1, but that's a world away at this point.

So anyone know if it's even possible? Is there a trick to it? If not,
suggestions on getting more debug output from xen + grub2?

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