Is anyone running a Windows HVM guest with networking? I recently tried
to connect a Windows 7 HVM guest to my network using vif-nat. For some
reason, the setup does not work. Oddly, Dom0 lists the vif interface
associated with the guest as "NO-CARRIER" even though the DomU Windows
guest seems to recognize its virtual network interface (RTL8139C+).

I have no problem with a similarly configured guest running Linux.

I am using:


The guest configuration is:

name      = "windows64"
memory    =  2048
vcpus     =  1
builder   = "hvm"
altp2mhvm = 1
vif       = [ "script=vif-nat,ip=,gatewaydev=wlp3s0" ]
disk      = [ "tap2:tapdisk:aio:/path/to/disk-windows64.img,xvda,w",
              "tap2:tapdisk:aio:/path/to/spare-vfat.img,xvdb,w" ]
serial    = "pty"
sdl       = 1


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