m2crypto (0.22.6~rc4-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release (Closes: #744137).
  * deb/changelog:
    + Removed trailing whitespaces.
  * deb/control:
    + Change of maintainer (Closes: #726262).
    + Removed cbds from build-deps, added dh-python.
    + Bumped debhelper level to 9 (also in deb/compat).
    + Added python-unittest2 and pandoc to build-deps.
    + Updated and removed unnecessary versions among build-deps.
    + Added X-Python-Version.
    + Dropped Vcs-Git and Browser (not collaboratively maintained).
    + Updated Homepage.
    + Specified short description line.
  * deb/copyright:
    + Rewritten for Dep-5, specified some Licenses.
  * deb/patches:
    + Restored Quilt patch regime (added patches/series, dropped sequence
      prefixes, restored proper DEP-3 headers).
    + Dropped 0002-Disable-SSLv2_method-when-disabled-in-OpenSSL-iself.patch
      (applied upstream ac01b383).
    + Added disable-sslv3.patch (Closes: #803946) [thanks to Kurt Roeckx].
  * deb/rules:
    + Added DH_VERBOSE and DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS lines.
    + Build with dh sequencer and Pybuild.
    + Added override for dh_installdocs.
    + Added override for dh_installexamples with hacks for Lintian complaints.
    + Dropped clean target (put needed cleans into deb/clean).
  * deb/watch:
    + Added uversionmangle.
  * Added:
    + deb/source/format (3.0 quilt).
    + deb/source/option (diff-ignore egg-info dir).
    + deb/clean (instead of clean target in deb/rules).
    + deb/python-m2crypto.examples (packaging demo/).
  * Dropped:
    + deb/gbp.conf (not needed anymore).
  * Moved:
    + deb/docs to deb/python-m2crypto.docs.
  * Wrap-and-sort -a -s.

Date: 2015-11-19 16:16:53.189308+00:00
Signed-By: William Grant <m...@williamgrant.id.au>
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