unity-scope-gdrive (0.9+16.04.20151125-0ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium

  [ Alberto Mardegan ]
  * Update to new scopes and GData API (LP: #1173926)

  [ CI Train Bot ]
  * New rebuild forced.

  [ David Callé ]
  * Add Filters, Categories and make multiple type filters work again
  * Dbus rename
  * Filters work
  * Port to Libunity7 (DeprecatedScope), filtering is WIP
  * Revert changes for libunity7 removed: unity_gdrive_daemon.py added:
  * Update copyright
  * Update packaging and paths removed: unity-scope-gdrive added:
  * Update scope file

  [ David King ]
  * Use Google Drive rather than deprecated Google Docs name

  [ Didier Roche ]
  * Rename to the new .pot filename. (LP: #1087574)

  [ James Henstridge ]
  * Add metadata to the .scope file so it can be loaded as part of a
    group in future.  Also update the .service file to use this info to
    load the implementation.

  [ Ken VanDine ]
  * Fixed service type, this was preventing it from showing up for
    google accounts in UOA. (LP: #1167381) (LP: #1167381)

  [ Michael Terry ]
  * Bring debian/ packaging inline..

Date: 2015-11-25 17:18:16.907625+00:00
Changed-By: David Barth <david.ba...@canonical.com>
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