stress-ng (0.05.07-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Makefile: bump version
  * stress-yield: include signal.h to build on FreeBSD
  * Exclude stressors that cannot be run
  * stress-matrix: add copy and mean methods
  * stress-yield: ensure at least 2 child processes per CPU
  * Update syscalls.txt with syncfs
  * stress-key: remove if def'd debug code
  * stress-iosync: add syncfs() for Linux only
  * Add --sock-nodelay option to disable the Nagle algorithm
  * stress-socket: split out client/server code into separate functions
  * stress-exec: remove (void)name;
  * stress-dentry: add 'random' ordering option
  * stress-affinity: set initial cpu to instance number
  * stress-clock: output name of clock timer id on error
  * Add --temp-path option
  * Debian/control: change priority because of apparmor dependency
  * Add apparmor to excluded adt tests
  * Add sendmsg and sendmmsg to syscalls.txt
  * Add --sock-opts option

Date: 2015-12-26 22:21:34.927121+00:00
Changed-By: Colin Ian King <>
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