xmltooling (1.5.6-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Russ Allbery ]
  * [bbe4293] Really switch to xz compression for the *.debian.tar file
  * [66fde9b] Fix typo in the Vcs-Git control field
  * [303c566] Disable forcing of libtool --silent

  [ Ferenc W√°gner ]
  * [8f40689] Add debian/gbp.conf for DEP-14 layout
  * [449ccfe] Convert our single upstream patch into a gbp patch queue
  * [7742fbb] We will generate debian/changelog by gbp dch before uploading
  * [9fce794] Run wrap-and-sort -ast on the package
  * [f62c11f] Correct my name in Uploaders
  * [abe605b] Switch watch file to check for bzip-compressed archives
  * [612e7c0] Check signature in watch file
  * [d938f6a] New upstream release
    SECURITY fix in 1.5.5 for CVE-2015-0851 DoS: Shibboleth SP software
    crashes on well-formed but invalid XML (Closes: #793855)
  * [fd6d573] Rename libxmltooling6 package to libxmltooling6v5
    (Closes: #797625)
  * [af5f295] dh_auto_configure uses --disable-dependency-tracking by default
  * [e961f2c] The default compressor is xz since jessie
  * [73017d0] New patch Avoid-forward-incompatibility-warnings-from-
  * [8d5f789] Enable all hardening features
  * [7b101ba] Update Standards-Version to 3.9.6 (no changes needed)
  * [2f9f14d] Ship the pkgconfig file
  * [67a361a] The debian/tmp prefix is unnecessary since debhelper 7
  * [107882c] Ship upstream README.txt in all binary packages
  * [bb9ee79] Replacing the jquery.js embedded by Doxygen risks breaking the
  * [bc5c6d2] Ship the installed documentation, not the one from the build tree
  * [44460c2] Remove installed files we won't use (preparing to --fail-missing)
  * [8afabff] Fail package build if any installed file is left out in the future
  * [55d05ba] No need to separate the doc-base files by extension
  * [1cd59cc] Update debian/copyright
  * [f8df74c] Use a fresher m4/ax_create_pkgconfig_info.m4
  * Since GCC-5 is the default compiler now, this new upload provides a version
    that current libstdc++ does not break (Closes: #793288).

Date: 2016-01-02 04:20:23.417139+00:00
Signed-By: Logan Rosen <loganro...@gmail.com>
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