epoptes (0.5.9-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version:
    - Major improvements and bug fixes to the network benchmark module.
    - Add an "Add to group" option to the Clients menu.
    - Remove the ubuntu_local property from epoptes.ui.
    - Add a meaningful title to xterm when opening a remote terminal locally, 
      instead of 'socat' (LP: #1526740).
    - Use a more compatible syntax for pkill.
    - Set a reasonable PATH to execute commands or to relaunch epoptes-client.
    - Explicitly depend on packages indirectly pulled by epoptes-client
      (LP: #1503820).
    - Use a custom php site to redirect to a proper IRC support channel based
      on user's locale, with a meaningful nickname.
    - Create the ~/.config/epoptes directory when epoptes runs, if it
      doesn't exist (LP: #1395808).
    - Detect when epoptes loses connection with epoptesd.
    - Support tigervnc on rpm distributions (LP: #1501747).
    - When epoptes is ran with ltsp-remoteapps, exclude that fat client from
      the UI (LP: #1058711).
    - Only source /lib/lsb/init-functions on Debian-based distros
      (LP: #1226094).
    - Relaunch epoptes-client after 20 seconds of network inactivity.
    - Remove ping timeouts from epoptesd for epoptes-client connections,
      allowing reconnects when something on the network fails temporarily.
    - Make WoL work on every computer if none is selected.
    - Fix the is_offline() check for clients.
    - Fix a WoL exception if an interface had no AF_INET address configured.

  * epoptes:
    - faketime doesn't work without /run/shm (#778462).

Date: 2016-01-28 10:11:48.549775+00:00
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