acpica-unix (20160108-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Closes: #757791 -- use proper Vcs-* lines in the control file. 
  * Closes: #731761 -- add changelog info on turbostat: unfortunately,
    during the transition to using only the ACPICA upstream source tree,
    I forgot to mention that turbostat was not part of that source but
    is in the Linux kernel source instead; if one wishes to use turbostat,
    it can now be found in the collectd-core package instead.  Further,
    the acpidump command now provided is different -- there are two sources
    from the same upstream contributor, one in the kernel and one in the
    ACPICA tree.  In theory, these are (or have) converged to a single
    source and provide identical functionality.  If there are differences,
    it is likely an upstream.  My apologies for not mentioning this sooner
    as part of the transition; hopefully this clarifies things.
  * Closes: #679360 -- incorrect examples in the acpidump man page are no
    longer pertinent since all of the man pages have since been updated,
    and pointers provided to the upstream documentation that contains all
    of the details needed.
  * Closes: #738527 -- acpidump has long since been replaced so this bug
    should no longer be present; testing on some x86 systems show it
    working just fine.
  * Closes: #419687 -- acpidump seems to report write errors okay
  * Closes: #805990 -- dpkg-buildpackage -A seems to work fine, bug is
    not reproducible
  * Closes: #407708 -- not a bug, this is expected iasl behavior, but iasl
    is also much smarter about reporting what the user needs to do.  And,
    the spec has changed to make it easier for iasl to work properly.

Date: 2016-01-31 04:10:34.037360+00:00
Signed-By: Serge Hallyn <>
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