stress-ng (0.05.19-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Makefile: bump version
  * stress-switch: don't initialize buf_size twice
  * stress-ng: don't stress-sleep options unless STRESS_SLEEP defined
  * stress-shm-sysv: comparing j < i - 1 is incorrect when i = 0
  * stress-shm-sysv: parent should close read end of pipe
  * stress-context: make stacks larger, avoid segfault on kFreeBSD
  * stress-oom-pipe: handle condition where pipe size can't be set
  * stress-pipe: use O_DIRECT when possible
  * stress-switch: use O_DIRECT with 1 byte buffer is possible
  * stress-oom-pipe: ensure sz is set before we check it against prev_sz
  * Add stress-oom-pipe pipe buffer stressor
  * helper: fix comment on system_read()
  * stress-fallocate: add in default mode 0
  * stress-iosync: fix build warning when using old glibc:
  * stress-fstat: add blacklist of paths not to open/fstat/close
  * correctly spell stress_adjust_pthread_max
  * stress-str: make some statics into static const
  * stress-socket: make socket_opts static const
  * stress-maxtrix: make some statics static const
  * stress-vm: make some statics static const
  * stress-wcstr: make variables static const
  * stress-get: make priorities static const
  * stress-filename: make filename_opts static const
  * stress-dentry: make dentry_removals static const
  * stress-cpu: make some variables static const
  * stress-clone: make flags and unshare flags static const
  * stress-chmod: make modes static const
  * perf: make perf_tp_info static const
  * cache: make struct generic_map const
  * helper: make stress_temp_path static const
  * stress-udp-flood: make data static const
  * stress-spawn: make exec strings static
  * Only define OPT_PTHREAD* macros if STRESS_PHREAD is defined
  * Minor #define changes, no functional change
  * stress-cpu: remove redundant initialisation of last_e
  * stress-cpu: don't build _Decimal stressors with clang
  * stress-shm-sysv: set entire shm_ids array to -1
  * stress-fork: make child exit immediately and stash pid only in parent
  * stress-xattr: free buffer on error exit path
  * stress-timerfd: fix timer thresholding check
  * Add sleep stressor
  * stress-clock: add some comments and make source 80 column friendly
  * bigheap: reorder some variables on the stack for better packing
  * Add whitespace in return statement
  * thermal-zone: minor clean up
  * net: make loop iterator size_t
  * cache: minor code tweaks, no functional changes
  * cache: rework get_contents error return paths
  * cache: reformat function declarations to match the stress-ng code style
  * clean up and rename macro mk_path to MK_PATH
  * Ensure we do not under run string buffer
  * Add apparmor_parser excutable check
  * time: make source 80 column friendly
  * thermal-zone: make source 80 column friendly
  * sched: make source 80 column friendly
  * perf: make source 80 column friendly
  * mlock: make source 80 column friendly
  * limit.c: remove redundant #includes
  * io-priority: make source 80 column friendly
  * ignite-cpu: make source 80 column friendly
  * Include stress-ng.h first for __kernel_long_t and __kernel_ulong_t

Date: 2016-03-04 10:26:09.990225+00:00
Changed-By: Colin Ian King <>
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