ubuntu-ui-toolkit (1.3.1872+16.04.20160308-0ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium

  [ Timo Jyrinki ]
  * Fix gles unit test skipping.
  * Add s390x to the unit test skipping architectures
  * UITK test plan - wily -> xenial. Fixes LP: #1544490

  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * Print errors when QuickUtils fails to create a component.
  * unit tests shouldn't use deprecated Dialog.callera
  * Correctly count only test case results. The result= value is used in suites
    and results.
  * Skip tst_pagehead_visible flakes on non-arm. Fixes LP: #1534651
  * Skip flaky tst_mousefilterTest::doubleClicked. Fixes LP: #1542215
  * Suppress click signal if releasing outside of ListItem. Fixes LP: #1541148.
  * Use gdb in runtest.sh to produce backtraces.
  * Arrow keys change value of a Slider. Fixes LP: #1523824.
  * Only use Maliit when enabled explicitly in the environment

  [ Oliver Tilloy ]
  * Do not try to assign to non-existent property "activeFocusOnPress". 
    Fixes LP: #1532953
  * Bubble up ESC key press event if there is no popover to close. 
    Fixes LP: #1546627

  [ Loïc Molinari ]
  * Added private items and nodes for the new component styles. 
    Fixes LP: #1523836
  * Made use of new private Frame item for the focusing.
  * Fixed performance monitor crash because of a NULL timer pointer 
    Fixes LP: #1546986
  * Fixed performance monitor dangling pointer crash. Fixes LP: #1546984
  * [ProportionalShape] Ensured width/height ratio is correct with default 
    Fixes LP: #1546546
  * Added a workaround to prevent a crash while changing the QPA scale factor.

  [ Florian Boucault ]
  * Always on performance monitor that logs frames that too long to render.
  * MainView: proceed to selecting the theme automatically at startup too. 
    Fixes LP: #1535819
  * MainView: when no gradient color is needed for the background, rely on 
    QQuickWindow's GL clear color. Lessens overdraw considerably for most 
    apps. Fixes LP: #1439133.
  * Panel: MathUtils used without import prefix was leading to undefined 
  * Label: use native rendering on low dpi screens (GRID_UNIT_PX <= 10) for 
    sharper looking text.
  * Gallery: added palette browser to Colors page.

  [ Tim Peeters ]
  * Support scrolling in ListViews with horizontal orientation to the 
    qquicklistview CPO.
  * Add background to AppHeader and remove contents clipping from MainView.
    Fixes LP: #1531016, LP: #1531457.
  * Hide AppHeader when using AdaptivePageLayout. Fixes bug 1531871. 
    Fixes LP: #1531871.
  * Implement horizontal flicking in the flickable autopilot CPO.
  * Re-order to list of pages in the gallery to be alphabetical.
  * Fix the autopilot failures introduced with the horizontal scrolling in 
    the Flickable CPO.
  * Update documentation for MainView, Page, AdaptivePageLayout to use the new 
    PageHeader in all examples. Deprecate old properties. Fixes LP: #1540574
  * Add 'animate' property to new internal AppHeaderBase, and do not show a 
    header animation when starting an app without header. 
    Fixes LP: #1518002, LP: #1524901.
  * Use the correct string for skipping tests on x86_64 .
  * Sections scrolling and keyboard navigation. Fixes LP: #1465048, LP: #1489591
  * Fix autopilot color button failure.

  [ Zoltán Balogh ]
  * Create a click packaging project for the UITK Component Gallery.
  * Improve the test plan executor script.  

  [ Andrea Bernabei ] 
  * Refer to SlotsLayout.Last instead of SlotsLayout.End in SlotsLayout 
    documentation. Fixes LP: #1536170.
  * Update "Import Statement:" in docs of Ubuntu.Components. Currently 
    Developer's website shows "import Ubuntu.Components 1.2" and "since 
    Ubuntu.Components 1.3" and that is confusing for all app developers. 
    Fixes LP: #1531817.
  * Fix ListItemLayout multiline labels positioning and add docs about
    aliasing labels properties
  * UbuntuTestCase flick(): default events delay to 1. Fixes LP: #1549256.
  * Add Scrollbar and ScrollView tests plus implementation fixes.

  [ Benjamin Zeller ] 
  * Fix Bug lp:1535241 "AdaptivePageLayout first example is badly broken". 
    Fixes LP: #1535241.
  * The click project file is should not be part of the UITK project.
  * Move MainViewBase to C++.
  * Move tree.js to C++.
  * Do not leak the incubator pointer in case a QML engine never took care of 
    it. Delete the object directly.
  * Move PageWrapper.qml to C++ for 1.3.
  * Add Ubuntu toolkit shared library
  * Move ColorUtils to UbuntuToolkit.
  * Fixes LP: #1540642
  * Make sure objects are initialized with extra properties before they are 
    instantiated in the QML engine. 
  * Use QQmlProperty::write() instead of QObject::writeProperty()
  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * Update Palette values for Ubuntu.Components 1.3 and apply the palette on 
    components. First set of visual updates including ListItem, Text inputs, 
    CheckBox, Switch, Slider, PageHeader, ActionBar and BottomEdge. 
    Fixes LP: #1350915.
  * Contextual Actions - shortcut (and mnemonics) handling must obey 
    active/inactive contexts, such as Page activation as well as Popups and 
    Dialogs. Fixes LP: #1514856.
  * Attach default theme to the QML Engine it creates. Fixes LP: #1527546
  * Palette fix. Update components to use the palette. Fixes LP: #1495477
  * Disable rendering performance logs for the unit tests.
  * Specify message severity for the performance logging category.
  * Link singletons used as context properties in root context of the QML 
    Engine to the engine instance. Fixes LP: #1539558.
  * Specify message severity for the performance logging category.
  * Expose Icon.asynchronous property to drive image loading of the icon. 
    Fixes LP: #1535480.
  * Redo InverseMosueArea tests to not to use shared view for all the tests. 
    Fixes LP: #1544455
  * Get singletons report fatal error in case the parent is null upon first 
    creation. Adjust failing test cases. Fixes LP: #1542309
  * Deprecated Theme forces palette to be loaded from 1.2 themes. 
    Fixes LP: #1549830
  * Introduce AdaptivePageLayout.asynchronous to the API. Fixes LP: #1540449
  * AbstractButton handles 4x4GU minimal sensing area, exposes sensingMargins
    to extend sensing area even further. Fixes LP:#1468645, LP: #1508114

  [ Albert Astals Cid ] 
  * Have a default pixelsPerInch value. Otherwise when running unity8 tests
    under xvfb we get the wrong parameters warning and tests fail.

  [ Robert Ancell ]
  * Fix documentation typo - Ubunut -> Ubuntu.
  * Use new QML package name for qml-module-qtfeedback, drop old QML 
    package names.
  * Fix examples using OptionSelectorDelegate that place it in the Toolkit 
    namespace but don't have the import to match.

  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Make src/Ubuntu/Test depend on src/Ubuntu/Components, to fix build with 
    high parallelisation.

  [ Pierre Bertet on 2016-02-17
  * ComboButton: not based on Button anymore + style update.

  [ CI Train Bot ]
  * No-change rebuild.

Date: 2016-03-08 07:03:20.600037+00:00
Changed-By: Zoltan Balogh <zoltan.bal...@canonical.com>
Signed-By: Ubuntu Archive Robot 
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