libhybris (0.1.0+git20151016+6d424c9-0ubuntu7) xenial; urgency=medium

  [ Ugo Riboni ]
  * Allow setting/clearning the camera metering region

  [ Alex Tu ]
  * compat: force modules to be build for 32bit only

  [ Simon Fels ]
  * debian: adjust our build depends depending which distro we build for
    - With this we select now gcc 4.7 for vivid builds and take what
      ever else is default on all other distributions. We need to switch
      soon or later away from gcc 4.7 but before we can do that we need
      to overcome the still existing ABI issues we get when we build
      with something else than gcc 4.7.

Date: 2016-03-07 10:02:14.867879+00:00
Changed-By: Simon Fels <>
Signed-By: Ubuntu Archive Robot 
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