activemq (5.13.2+dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Team upload.
  * Enable activemq-fileserver, activemq-mqtt, activemq-ra and activemq-spring
  * Update disable-broker-test-dependency.patch
  * Build-Depend on libjetty9-java for fileserver module.
  * Add libqdox-java, libservlet3.1-java, libmqtt-client-java,
    libhawtdispatch-java and libzookeeper-java to Build-Depends.
  * Add disable-jetty-all-dependency.patch.
  * Really add init-debian-default-values.patch.
  * activemq-options: Use default-java for JAVA_HOME variable.
  * Drop exclude-geronimo-jca.patch.
  * maven.ignoreRules: Ignore
    - org.linkedin
    - org.jencks
    - org.springframework.osgi
    - org-paho
  * Add activemq-spring.patch and remove code from activemq-pool which is not
  * Update activemq.links and symlink all necessary jars into ACTIVEMQ_HOME
  * Depend on missing spring dependencies, libhawtbuf-java, libxbean-java and
  * Remove unused debian/main.xml file.

Date: 2016-03-22 10:16:00.763619+00:00
Changed-By: Debian Java Maintainers 
Signed-By: Matthias Klose <>
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