vtk6 (6.2.0+dfsg1-10) unstable; urgency=medium

  * [81e7008] d/p/101: Correct install path for Java files within build system
  * [61b464c] d/control: Set minimum version for libgl2ps-dev, Closes: #766491
  * [4ac3ffc] d/control: Enable module vtkRenderingExternal, Closes: #810344
  * [7ae06a0] d/p/102: Enable use of system proj4, Closes: #750184
  * [ce3f3ad] d/control: Enable system LIBPROJ4
  * [7720d44] Apply new patches 101 also 102 in source code
  * [d446bd8] d/control: Update standards version to 3.9.7
  * [70da96e] d/control: depends python-vtk6 and tcl-vtk6 on libvtk6.2-qt 
  * [2e881c5] Update watchfile to only search for 6.X.X versions
  * [e28b82b] d/control, d/rules: Move to qt5 also on armel, armhf
  * [f2883f3] d/p/104: Enables compiling with gcc-6. Closes: #812296

Date: 2016-03-28 16:19:38.290078+00:00
Signed-By: LocutusOfBorg <costamagnagianfra...@yahoo.it>
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