vokoscreen (2.4.0-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * debian/control:
      - Bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.7.
      - Changed from cgit to git in Vcs-Browser field.
      - Removed mkvtoolnix from Depends field. Thanks to Volker Kohaupt,
        the vokoscreen upstream.
      - Updated the Vcs-* fields to use https instead of http and git.
  * debian/copyright: updated the packaging copyright years.
  * debian/gbp.conf: not used by me... Removed.
  * debian/menu: removed according to CTTE #741573.
  * debian/rules: removed the --parallel option from dh.
  * debian/watch: bumped to version 4.

Date: 2016-03-28 22:23:31.341946+00:00
Signed-By: Logan Rosen <loganro...@gmail.com>
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