wireshark (2.0.2+ga16e22e-1) unstable; urgency=high

  * New upstream release 2.0.2
    - release notes:
    - security fixes:
      - DLL hijacking vulnerability (CVE-2016-2521)
      - ASN.1 BER dissector crash (CVE-2016-2522)
      - DNP dissector infinite loop (CVE-2016-2523)
      - X.509AF dissector crash (CVE-2016-2524)
      - HTTP/2 dissector crash (CVE-2016-2525)
      - HiQnet dissector crash (CVE-2016-2526)
      - 3GPP TS 32.423 Trace file parser crash (CVE-2016-2527)
      - LBMC dissector crash (CVE-2016-2528)
      - iSeries file parser crash (CVE-2016-2529)
      - RSL dissector crash (CVE-2016-2530 CVE-2016-2531)
      - LLRP dissector crash (CVE-2016-2532)
      - Ixia IxVeriWave file parser crash
      - IEEE 802.11 dissector crash
      - GSM A-bis OML dissector crash
      - ASN.1 BER dissector crash
      - SPICE dissector large loop
      - NFS dissector crash
      - ASN.1 BER dissector crash
  * Update symbols file
  * Bump SO version properly using patch cherry-picked from upstream
  * Drop obsolete and unused

Date: 2016-02-29 22:26:19.048662+00:00
Changed-By: Balint Reczey <bal...@balintreczey.hu>
Signed-By: Graham Inggs <gra...@nerve.org.za>
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