erlang (1:18.3-dfsg-1ubuntu3) xenial; urgency=medium

  * Drop erlang-wx from the Recommends: of erlang-examples, so that this
    still stays out of main.

Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2016 01:40:49 -0700
Changed-By: Steve Langasek <>
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <>
Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2016 01:40:49 -0700
Source: erlang
Binary: erlang-base erlang-base-hipe erlang-asn1 erlang-common-test 
erlang-corba erlang-crypto erlang-debugger erlang-dialyzer erlang-diameter 
erlang-doc erlang-edoc erlang-eldap erlang-erl-docgen erlang-et erlang-eunit 
erlang-gs erlang-ic erlang-ic-java erlang-inets erlang-manpages erlang-megaco 
erlang-mnesia erlang-observer erlang-odbc erlang-os-mon erlang-parsetools 
erlang-percept erlang-public-key erlang-reltool erlang-runtime-tools 
erlang-snmp erlang-ssh erlang-ssl erlang-syntax-tools erlang-test-server 
erlang-tools erlang-typer erlang-webtool erlang-wx erlang-xmerl erlang-dev 
erlang-dbg erlang-src erlang-examples erlang-jinterface erlang-mode erlang-nox 
erlang-x11 erlang
Architecture: source
Version: 1:18.3-dfsg-1ubuntu3
Distribution: xenial
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <>
Changed-By: Steve Langasek <>
 erlang     - Concurrent, real-time, distributed functional language
 erlang-asn1 - Erlang/OTP modules for ASN.1 support
 erlang-base - Erlang/OTP virtual machine and base applications
 erlang-base-hipe - Erlang/OTP HiPE enabled virtual machine and base 
 erlang-common-test - Erlang/OTP application for automated testing
 erlang-corba - Erlang/OTP applications for CORBA support
 erlang-crypto - Erlang/OTP cryptographic modules
 erlang-dbg - Erlang/OTP symbol files
 erlang-debugger - Erlang/OTP application for debugging and testing
 erlang-dev - Erlang/OTP development libraries and headers
 erlang-dialyzer - Erlang/OTP discrepancy analyzer application
 erlang-diameter - Erlang/OTP implementation of RFC 6733 protocol
 erlang-doc - Erlang/OTP HTML/PDF documentation
 erlang-edoc - Erlang/OTP module for generating documentation
 erlang-eldap - Erlang/OTP LDAP library
 erlang-erl-docgen - Erlang/OTP documentation stylesheets
 erlang-et  - Erlang/OTP event tracer application
 erlang-eunit - Erlang/OTP module for unit testing
 erlang-examples - Erlang/OTP application examples
 erlang-gs  - Erlang/OTP graphics system
 erlang-ic  - Erlang/OTP IDL compiler
 erlang-ic-java - Erlang/OTP IDL compiler (Java classes)
 erlang-inets - Erlang/OTP Internet clients and servers
 erlang-jinterface - Java communication tool to Erlang
 erlang-manpages - Erlang/OTP manual pages
 erlang-megaco - Erlang/OTP implementation of Megaco/H.248 protocol
 erlang-mnesia - Erlang/OTP distributed relational/object hybrid database
 erlang-mode - Erlang major editing mode for Emacs
 erlang-nox - Erlang/OTP applications that don't require X Window System
 erlang-observer - Erlang/OTP application for investigating distributed systems
 erlang-odbc - Erlang/OTP interface to SQL databases
 erlang-os-mon - Erlang/OTP operating system monitor
 erlang-parsetools - Erlang/OTP parsing tools
 erlang-percept - Erlang/OTP concurrency profiling tool
 erlang-public-key - Erlang/OTP public key infrastructure
 erlang-reltool - Erlang/OTP release management tool
 erlang-runtime-tools - Erlang/OTP runtime tracing/debugging tools
 erlang-snmp - Erlang/OTP SNMP applications
 erlang-src - Erlang/OTP applications sources
 erlang-ssh - Erlang/OTP implementation of SSH protocol
 erlang-ssl - Erlang/OTP implementation of SSL
 erlang-syntax-tools - Erlang/OTP modules for handling abstract Erlang syntax 
 erlang-test-server - Erlang/OTP server for automated application testing
 erlang-tools - Erlang/OTP various tools
 erlang-typer - Erlang/OTP code type annotator
 erlang-webtool - Erlang/OTP helper for web-based tools
 erlang-wx  - Erlang/OTP bindings to wxWidgets
 erlang-x11 - Erlang/OTP applications that require X Window System
 erlang-xmerl - Erlang/OTP XML tools
 erlang (1:18.3-dfsg-1ubuntu3) xenial; urgency=medium
   * Drop erlang-wx from the Recommends: of erlang-examples, so that this
     still stays out of main.
 421d691fc4dc689f1d48cf7093b5b9709e05aeca 5578 erlang_18.3-dfsg-1ubuntu3.dsc
 8da33a4db868ca9a31743e21c2f705016a75b9d5 62908 
 4962ed84e1082198a9d9c103e08da2871ae5d0ba272191d3bb837a7f02954e0f 5578 
 73b472984c841f7a75c4b9cff1de958936d3c000763f52970a375ae88f319d75 62908 
 40ad1d22e20f95466f62558ce15f3005 5578 interpreters optional 
 24747f4fc7e89dffb55c1a55302353e3 62908 interpreters optional 
Original-Maintainer: Debian Erlang Packagers 
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