click-reviewers-tools (0.43~14.04.1) xenial-proposed; urgency=medium

  [ Jamie Strandboge ]
    - kernel snaps may have external symlinks
    - handle top-level plugs and slots with yaml data as 'null' (LP: #1579201)
    - add epoch checks (LP: #1583298)
    - .pyc are arch-independent, so don't complain about them
    - add confinement checks (LP: #1580819)
  * data/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu.json:
    - add opengl interface as 'common' (LP: #1572140)
    - add reserved bluez, network-manager and location-observe interfaces
    - remove last reference to 'cap'
    - turn resquash test into info for now until the squashfs-tools bugs are
      fixed and this is a reliable check
  * when 'confinement' is 'devmode', override the result type to 'info'
    - add override_result_type to allow in support of 'confinement'
    - add _devmode_override()
    - use override_result_type if in devmode
    - LP: #1584231

Date: 2016-05-20 21:40:12.090506+00:00
Changed-By: Jamie Strandboge <>
Signed-By: Adam Conrad <>
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