oxide-qt (1.15.7-0ubuntu0.16.04.1) xenial-security; urgency=medium

  * Update to v1.15.7 (see USN-2992-1)
    - Bump Chromium rev to 51.0.2704.79
    - Fix LP: #1567542 - Ensure the camera image is rotated correctly for both
      front and back cameras, and fix a krillin-specific issue
    - Fix LP: #1570511 / LP: #1586968 - Allow touch selection to short circuit
      context menu requests
    - Fix LP: #1569315 - Make WebView::EditingCapabilitiesChanged faster to
      avoid serious performance issues with an active selection
    - Disable plugins by default on arm, as we only support Flash which isn't
      available there
    - Compile native arm and x86 builds with -g1 to reduce the size of the
      resulting unstripped binary and hopefully ease address space pressure
      during linking. This will reduce the usefulness of crash reports on
      these platforms
    - Unbreak the !ENABLE_PLUGINS build
    - Fix LP: #1582060 - Ensure we attach the InputMethodContext for script
      opened webviews
    - Fix LP: #1578808 - link failure on armhf
    - Fix LP: #1576164 - Internationalize the camera names
    - Fix LP: #1556658 - Provide dummy message text to an application's custom
      beforeunload dialog component for compatibility purposes, now that
      Chromium ignores the one provided by the page
    - Fix LP: #1535818 - Add support for the deviceId constraint in getUserMedia
    - Fix LP: #1568860 - Replace use of scoped_ptr with std::unique_ptr
    - Replace CertificateErrorDispatcherClient with a callback, and add through
      unit tests for CertificateErrorDispatcher in the process
    - Add the ability to run unit tests on internal classes in shared/
    - Fix LP: #1447395 - Add WebView.zoomFactor API
    - Fix LP: #1565063 - Add 'version' and 'chromiumVersion' properties to
      the API
    - Remove CompositorProxy and its implementation. This was left over from
      when the webview compositor wasn't single threaded
    - Remove RendererFrameEvictor - it's redundant anyway because we destroy
      the webview compositor when it's hidden. Now we just drive eviction from
      there instead. This removes a bogus dependency on GetFormFactorHint
    - Hide surface_id from compositor clients, cleaning up the client interface
    - Fix LP: #1498200 - Componentize qt/core/ and shared/. This allows us to
      build unit test binaries that depend on shared/
    - Drop the warning when changing the process model - single process is
      now supported.
    - Adapt the QML tests to run in single-process and make lots of test fixes
      (LP: #1399208)
    - Fix LP: #1399207 - Make it possible to skip entire QML test cases where
      they aren't relevant for specific configurations (eg, single process)
    - Fix LP: #1462814 - Drop failing test which appears to not be useful
    - Disable profiler timing - we don't have chrome://profiler/, and this is
      disabled by default on Chrome/Android too due to it having a
      non-negligible performance impact.
    - Fix a shutdown abort in single-process mode
    - Add CookieStoreUIProxy, which is an implementation of net::CookieStore
      that proxies calls from the UI thread to the real cookie store on the IO
      thread. This is used in a couple of places where we need access to the
      cookie store on the UI thread
    - Fix LP: #1556762 - Add TouchSelectionController.handleDragInProgress
    - Fix LP: #1556764 - Add TouchSelectionController.hide() API
    - Fix LP: #1552161 - Convert QTouchEvent directly to ui::MotionEvent.
      Dropping the use of ui::TouchEvent means we no longer have to round
      the scroll coordinates, which should improve smoothness on high-DPI

Date: 2016-06-02 18:46:21.229085+00:00
Changed-By: Chris Coulson <chrisccoul...@ubuntu.com>
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