snapd (2.0.8) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release: LP: #1589534
    - debian: make `snap refresh` times more random (LP: #1537793)
    - cmd: ExecInCoreSnap looks in "core" snap first, and only in
      "ubuntu-core" snap if rev>125.
    - cmd/snap: have 'snap list' display helper message on stderr
      (LP: #1587445)
    - snap: make app names more restrictive.

snapd (2.0.7) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release: LP: #1589534
    - debian: do not ship  /etc/ (LP: #1589006)
    - debian: fix snapd.refresh.service install and usage (LP: #1588977)
    - ovlerlord/state: actually support task setting themself as
    - snap: do not use "." import in revision_test.go, as this breaks
      gccgo-6 (fix build failure on powerpc)
    - interfaces: add fcitx and mozc input methods to unity7
    - interfaces: add global gsettings interfaces
    - interfaces: autoconnect home and doc updates (LP: #1588886)
    - integration-tests: remove
    - many: adding backward compatible code to upgrade SnapSetup.Flags
    - overlord/snapstate: handle sideloading over an old sideloaded snap
      without panicing
    - interfaces: add socketcall() to the network/network-bind
      interfaces (LP: #1588100)
    - overlord/snapstate,snappy: move over CanRemoveThis moves over the
      CanRemove check to snapstate itself.overlord/snapstate
    - snappy: move over CanRemove
    - overlord/snapstate,snappy: move over CopyData and Remove*Data code

snapd (2.0.6) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release: LP: #1588052:
    - many: repository moved to snapcore/snapd
    - debian: add transitional pkg for the github location change
    - snap: ensure `snap try` work with relative paths
    - debian: drop run/build dependency on lsb-release
    - asserts/tool: gpg key pair manager
    - many: add new snap-exec
    - many: implement `snap refresh --list` and  `snap refresh`
    - snap: add parsing support for hooks.
    - many: add the cups interface
    - interfaces: misc policy fixes (LP: #1583794)
    - many: add `snap try`
    - interfaces: allow using sysctl and scmp_sys_resolver for parsing
      kernel logs
    - debian: make snapd get its environ from /etc/environment
    - daemon,client,snap: revisions are now strings
    - interfaces: allow access to new ibus abstract socket path
      LP: #1580463
    - integration-tests: add remove tests
    - asserts: stronger crypto choices and follow better latest designs
    - snappy,daemon: hollow out more of snappy (either removing or not
      exporting stuff on its way out), snappy/gadget.go is gone
    - asserts: rename device-serial to serial
    - asserts: rename identity to account (and username access)
    - integration-tests: add changes tests
    - backend: add tests for environment wrapper generation
    - interfaces/builtin: add location-control interface
    - overlord/snapstate: move over check snap logic from snappy
    - release: use os-release instead of lsb-release for cross-distro
    - asserts: allow empty snap-name for snap-declaration
    - interfaces/builtin,docs,snap: add the pulseaudio interface
    - many: add support for an environment map inside snap.yaml
    - overlord/snapstate: increase robustness of doLinkSnap/undoLinkSnap
      with sanity unit tests
    - snap: parse epoch property
    - snappy: do nothing in SetNextBoot when running on classic
    - snap: validate snap type
    - integration-tests: extend find command tests
    - asserts: extend tests to cover mandatory and empty headers
    - tests: stop the update-pot check in run-checks
    - snap: parse confinement property.
    - store: change applyUbuntuStoreHeaders to not take accept, and to
      take a channel
    - many: struct-based revisions, new representation
    - interfaces: remove 'audit deny' rules from network_control.go
    - interfaces: add  com.canonical.UrlLauncher.XdgOpen to unity7
    - interfaces: firewall-control can access xtables lock file
    - interfaces: allow unity7 AppMenu
    - interfaces: allow unity7 launcher API
    - interfaces/builtin: add location-observe interface
    - snap: fixed snap empty list text LP: #1587445

Date: 2016-06-08 06:19:13.471797+00:00
Changed-By: Michael Vogt <>
Signed-By: Steve Langasek <>
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