oce (0.17.1-1ubuntu0.1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * Backport 0.17-1-2 from Yakkety as an SRU, including changes:
    + Build-Depend on libfreeimageplus-dev instead of libfreeimage-dev
      in order to build with freeimage >= 3.17.0.
    + Rebuild against freeimage >= 3.17.0 to pick up correct library path
      in OCE04_VisualizationTargets-relwithdebinfo.cmake. (LP: #1556680)
    + Install files in /usr/lib/$(DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH)/oce-0.17. (LP: #1556685)

Date: 2016-06-10 09:56:10.520267+00:00
Changed-By: Graham Inggs <gra...@nerve.org.za>
Signed-By: Martin Pitt <martin.p...@ubuntu.com>
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