snapd (2.0.10) xenial; urgency=medium

  *  New upstream release: LP: #1597329
    - interfaces: also allow @{PROC}/@{pid}/mountinfo and
    - interfaces: allow read access to /etc/machine-id and
    - interfaces: miscelleneous policy updates for default, log-observe
      and system-observe
    - snapstate: add logging after a successful doLinkSnap
    - tests, integration-tests: port try tests to spread
    - store, cmd/snapd: send a basic user-agent to the store
    - store: add buy method
    - client: retry on failed GETs
    - tests: actual refresh test
    - docs: REST API update
    - interfaces: add mount support for hooks.
    - interfaces: add udev support for hooks.
    - interfaces: add dbus support for hooks.
    - tests, integration-tests: port refresh test to spread
    - tests, integration-tests: port change errors test to spread
    - overlord/ifacestate: don't retry snap security setup
    - integration-tests: remove unused file
    - tests: manage the socket unit when reseting state
    - overlord: improve organization of state patches
    - tests: wait for snapd listening after reset
    - interfaces/builtin: allow other sr*/scd* optical devices
    - systemd: add support for squashfuse
    - snap: make snaps vanishing less fatal for the system
    - snap-exec: os.Exec() needs argv0 in the args[] slice too
    - many: add new `create-user` command
    - interfaces: auto-connect content interfaces with the same content
      and developer
    - snapstate: add Current revision to SnapState
    - readme: tweak readme blurb
    - integration-tests: wait for listening port instead of active
      service reported by systemd
    - many: rename Current -> {CurrentSideInfo,CurrentInfo}
    - spread: fix home interface test after suite move
    - many: name unversioned data.
    - interfaces: add "content" interface
    - overlord/snapstate: defaultBackend can go away now
    - debian: comment to remember why the timer is setup like it is
    - tests,spread.yaml: introduce an upgrade test, support/split into
      two suites for this
    - overlord,overlord/snapstate: ensure we keep snap type in snapstate
      of each snap
    - many: rework the firstboot support
    - integration-tests: fix test failure
    - spread: keep core on suite restore
    - tests: temporary fix for state reset
    - overlord: add infrastructure for simple state format/content
    - interfaces: add seccomp support for hooks.
    - interfaces: allow gvfs shares in home and temporarily allow
      socketcall by default (LP: #1592901, LP: #1594675)
    - tests, integration-tests: port network-bind interface tests to
    - snap,snap/snaptest: use PopulateDir/MakeTestSnapWithFiles directly
      and remove MockSnapWithHooks
    - interfaces: add mpris interface
    - tests: enable `snap run` on i386
    - tests, integration-tests: port network interface test to spread
    - tests, integration-tests: port interfaces cli to spread
    - tests, integration-tests: port leftover install tests to spread
    - interfaces: add apparmor support for hooks.
    - tests, integration-tests: port log-observe interface tests to
    - asserts: improve Decode doc comment about assertion format
    - tests: moved snaps to lib
    - many: add the camera interface
    - many: add optical-drive interface
    - interfaces: auto-connect home if running on classic
    - spread: bump gccgo test timeout
    - interfaces: use security tags to index security snippets.
    - daemon, overlord/snapstate, store: send confinement header to the
      store for install
    - spread: run tests on 16.04 i386 concurrently
    - tests,integration-tests: port install error tests to spread
    - interfaces: add a serial-port interface
    - tests, integration-tests, debian: port sideload install tests to
    - interfaces: add new bind security backend and refactor
    - snap: load and validate implicit hooks.
    - tests: add a build/run test for gccgo in spread
    - cmd/snap/cmd_login: Adjust message after adding support for wheel
    - tests, integration-tests: ported install from store tests to
    - snap: make `snap change <taskid>` show task progress
    - tests, integration-tests: port search tests to spread
    - overlord/state,daemon: make abort proceed immediately, fix doc
      comment, improve tests
    - daemon: extend privileged access to users in "wheel" group
    - snap: tweak `snap refresh` and `snap refresh --list` outputTiny
      branch that does three things:
    - interfaces: refactor auto-connection candidate check
    - snap: add support for snap {install,refresh}
    - release: don't force KDE Neon into devmode.

Date: 2016-06-29 19:25:11.399328+00:00
Changed-By: Michael Vogt <>
Signed-By: Steve Langasek <>
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